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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Virus Attack Batu Ampar

Via Metro Balikpapan :

" BALIKPAPAN : Back bird flu virus spreading in the city of Aberdeen after the re-transmission occurs in Kelurahan Gunung Sari Ilir (GSI), now Kelurahan Batu Ampar North Aberdeen who was attacked. Socialization of bird flu should digencarkan in sub-village again, because there are still many people who do not understand how one should act when the animal attacked cattle the deadly virus.

Attack the bird flu virus in Batu Ampar attacked RT 30 and RT 41, a few chickens died suddenly residents suspect that their pet chickens that died suddenly stricken with the deadly virus. "A few days ago my existing pet chickens that died suddenly, the first two are dead but the next day five chickens that died and now the number of chickens that died was 8 tail," explained resident RT 41 Balikpapan Samson to post on Wednesday (24 / 11).S

amson hobby one of the residents who raise chickens and even reach 110 tail numbers, but after this incident he would destroy his pet chickens for his family to be safe and not attacked by the virus. "If you have this we do not dare cut the chicken mending destroyed it," he said."

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