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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu outbreak spreads, Poultry Destroyed

Translated report from Metro Balikpapan :

" BALIKPAPAN : Cases of bird flu earlier attack poultry residents in RT 12 by 9 tails, the H5N1 virus re-emerged in the environment RT 09 Balikpapan Kelurahgan Sari Bloom Central. Blooms Lurah Sari Edy Gunawan SH confirmed cases of H5N1 virus that attacked some birds occurred on Tuesday (26/10), thanks to a citizen report.

"Today (yesterday, Ed.) Have been destroyed as many as nine birds that where there are some birds have been contaminated with bird flu, and on Wednesday (27/10) we follow up again culling back as many as 10 cows. So total 28 birds that were destroyed from the environment RT 12 and 09, "said Edy to Post Metro.

In the process of extermination of the municipality in coordination with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine City of Balikpapan. "The destruction is done by the next shot and arrested the slain then inserted into the soil as deep as 7.5 meters which had previously been prepared," said Edy. Society is very concerned over the flu brung in the environment."

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