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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Indonesia : Bird Flu Suspect Goes Up

Translated article from Metro Balikpapan :

" BALIKPAPAN : Decision of the Mayor of H Imdaad Hamid SE to extend the alert status of AI for 15 days starting next Monday (18/10) and is the right step. Because until now the bird flu can not say safe. On Tuesday (19/10), the DKK reveals, the addition of residents suspect bird flu in Balikpapan.

Previously there was one resident who suspect bird flu, but after a negative review. Now comes another new suscpect against a four-month-old baby and a number of residents Manggar. "For babies 4 months old, took place two days ago. Then, this morning (yesterday, Red), there are new reports that there beberaap Lamaru also likely to have substantial citizens alike, "said Chief DKK municipal government, drg Dyah Muryani Hj.

He explained that poor baby was four months old have symptoms of shortness of breath Like the people infected with bird flu. Because, baby allegedly had a history of contact with chickens. Family home of the baby-shaped house on stilts, above to be a place to stay while there underneath the chicken coop. "Suspicions that because the baby was suffering from shortness of breath symptoms. If his fever was first."

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