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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Delhi : Flooded with dengue patients, GTB struggles

A report from Times of India, excerpt :

" NEW DELHI: With the number of dengue cases rising everyday, GTB Hospital is having a tough time dealing with the flood of patients. Sources said the hospital, which is getting dengue patients not only from Delhi but also from Uttar Pradesh, is facing a serious shortage of platelets and other blood products.

As per hospital record, 40 suspected dengue patients were admitted on Tuesday. GTB Hospital's medical superintendent, Dr UC Verma, admitted that that number of patients is overwhelming. "We are putting two-three patients on each bed, but there is no shortage of blood,'' he said.

But doctors at the hospital said their request for blood and blood products is often denied by the blood bank. Sources say the blood bank lacks sufficient technical staff to make platelets and other blood products. "I lost a patient, whose platelet count was 6000-7000 because the blood bank refused to release platelets. Whenever we send a request to the blood bank it is denied,'' said a senior doctor with the medicine department at the hospital."

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