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Monday, December 6, 2010

Indonesia : Suspected Bird Flu Patient Dies in Hospital Jamil

Translated article from Media Indonesia :

" PADANG - MICOM: Number of suspected bird flu patients who underwent treatment at the General Hospital Center M. Jamil, Padang, West Sumatra increases. During 2010 there were six patients who were treated the disease.

Hospital Public Relations M. Jamil Padang, Gustaianof, in Padang, Saturday (4 / 12) said of the six people suffering from bird flu susfect, one patient died while hospitalized M. Jamil Padang.

Patients who died ie, YY a river of sand transport workers, residents of Kampung Rice Taratak Mudiak, Muaro Kalaban, Sawahlunto. "The medical examination of M. Jamil Padang hospital, the victim was suspected of bird flu," he said.

He said there was one person who attended at the hospital M.jamil susfect bird flu patients on December 2, 2010 patients in the name of Barbie Elasah Laila (2). "The patient was first known to have suspected bird flu after treatment by a midwife, and then referred to the Hospital (RS) M. Djamil," he said.

According to him, to know whether these patients had positive bird flu, blood samples will be sent to Jakarta for further examination, "he said." In seven to 10 days in the future we will only accept the results of examination of blood samples, "he said."

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