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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burma : Cholera outbreak in Kachin refugee camps

Via Mizzima News, excerpt :

" Children and elderly people in Kachin refugee camps along the Sino-Burmese border have contracted cholera because of unsafe drinking water, according to workers with the Relief Action Network for IDP and Refugees (Ranir).

More than 30 children have contracted cholera and one child has died of the disease at the Pajau Refugee Camp, Ranir said.

Three refugee camps in Mansi Township and the Pajau Camp in Waimaw Township in Kachin State are all experiencing a lack of sanitary drinking water, Ranir official La Rip told Mizzima. The camps are located in mountainous areas making access to clean drinking water and toilet facilities difficult.

In China, the Ruili District adjacent to Kachin State has also experienced a cholera outbreak, according to the Wunpawng Ning Htoi group (People’s Light), which works to provide food and medicine to Kachin refugees. No estimates of how many cases have occurred were available.

May Li Aung, a worker with the Wunpawng Ning Htoi, told Mizzima that drinking water is unsafe and there are few sanitary toilets in the mountainous areas. Workers said the refugee camps near towns have enough water and sanitary toilets."

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