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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Malaysia : Cop in UN team dies of dengue

Via New Straits Times, excerpt :

" IT'S a call wives of military or police personnel dread. And early on Tuesday morning, Clare Baor, received that call.

It came at 10am. The caller informed Clare that her husband, Inspector Benet Pawun, 52, who was serving with the United Nations police (UNPOL) in Dili, Timor-Leste, was found dead in his quarters.

"They told me he died of suspected dengue," Clare, 51, said at her home in Taman Anggerek at Km64 of Jalan Kuching-Serian, here, yesterday.

"The news was too much to take. I almost fainted. Only a few hours earlier, I was chatting with him on Skype and he told me everything was fine.

"'Don't worry' were the last words he said to me."

Clare, however, said she was worried as Benet had also complained that he was having a fever.

She became more concerned when her husband told her he had to go for a blood test.

"I was fretting about his fever and he kept saying 'don't worry' and 'everything was fine'."

Benet, who left with the Malaysian contingent on Oct 13 last year for a 12-month tour of duty, never saw the result of the blood test.

He was supposed to have obtained it on the day he died.

Officers went to his quarters to look for him after he failed to show up for work or respond to calls on his handphone."

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