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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nepal : Avian influenza in Itahari farm

Via The Himalayan Times :

" ITAHARI: Samples of dead chicken collected from a farm at the Itahari-based PK Poultry tested positive for bird flu in course of tests at the Kathmandu-based central laboratory.

A government team under Dr Bolaraj Acharya had not bothered to inspect the farm after poultry farm owner Nirmal Shrestha insisted that the section of the poultry, where 3,500 fowls had died some days ago, was free from bird flu.

After confirmation of bird flu, a team of technicians under Dr Acharya visited the poultry today. Acharya informed the team will cull 6,000 chickens of the farm tomorrow, warning that bird flu might take epidemic proportions.

Shrestha demanded that the government compensate poulterers like him, who have lost millions in the bird flu outbreak."

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