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Monday, February 6, 2012

Nepal : Bird flu menace

Via The Himalayan Times :

" Bird flu has been detected in Khanar and Itahari of Sunsari district and in the hills of Panchthar and Ilam district as well. This has caused panic among the local residents, some of whom reported itching and vomiting, but these were only false alarms and so far no infection has been reported amongst humans.

This is not the time to panic but to work with health personnel to avert any tragedy, as doctors have already left for the infected areas to undertake safety measures. After the deaths of thousands of chicken in the affected area, samples were sent to a laboratory in the United Kingdom which confirmed that the deaths of the chicken were because of the avian influenza virus. As an immediate response to avert its spread, culling them is the first step.

The poultry farms should report all deaths of chicken in large numbers for the cause may be bird flu. A high alert has been imposed on the infected site against bird flu. The teams of doctors should be constantly vigilant as the flu can spread and occur in other areas as well posing a threat a threat to humans."

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