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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

African swine fever kills over 1, 682 pigs in Zambian capital

Via Shanghai Daily :

 An outbreak of African swine flu in Lusaka, the Zambian capital, has killed more than 1,682 pigs for the past month, prompting the government to put in place measures to contain the outbreak, a senior official said on Monday.
Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Robert Sichinga said preliminary estimates indicate that 11,000 pigs have so far been affected by the disease on 14 farms and another 14,000 animals from areas near the affected farms are at risk of contracting the disease. The minister however said the figures could be much higher because some farmers were not being cooperative while others may be under-reporting the mortalities.
"Immediate measures have been instituted to contain and eradicate African swine fever from Lusaka Province. To that effect, pork processing plants have been directed to stop processing pork. In addition, all pig movements and marketing in Lusaka Province has been banned with immediate effect," he told journalists at a press briefing at his office."

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