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Monday, June 18, 2012

Malaysia : Sixty-six others with H1N1-like symptoms quarantined at training camp

Article via The Star :

Four National Service trainees remained warded at the Kuala Nerang Hospital for Influenza A (H1N1) illness.

Sixty-six others were quarantined at the Dusun Minda NS Training Camp in Kuala Nerang after they, too, displayed H1N1-like symptoms, said Kedah Health Department director Dr Ismail Abu Taat. 
He said the four warded at the hospital were females while those quarantined at the camp comprised 45 boys and 21 girls.
“All of them are in stable condition. The camp has taken extra precautionary measures to prevent the illness from spreading,” he said yesterday.
Last week, 90 trainees at the camp came down with the illness after they complained of flu and cough.
The camp has not been closed, although trainees and instructors have been advised to keep the premises clean and wear face masks."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Malaysia : 96 NS trainees quarantined for H1N1 infection

Article via The Star, in the state of Kedah, up north in Malaysia :

" KUALA NERANG: Some 96 of 300 National Service (NS) trainees at Kem Dusun Resort near here have been quarantined for H1N1 infection since Wednesday night. NS Training Department director-general Datuk Abdul Hadi Awang Kechil said 18 trainees were being treated and quarantined at Kuala Nerang Hospital while 78 more were quarantined in a special block in the camp.

"The Health Department is monitoring the cases and preventive measures have been taken to stop the virus from spreading," he said when contacted Thursday. The camp management has also complied with procedures set by the Health Department and several health staff have been stationed in the camp.

"At the moment, all the trainees and staff are not allowed to leave camp until further notice." Abdul Hadi advised parents not to visit the trainees, adding that contact was only allowed when necessary.

"If they need to meet with the trainees, parents can come but they must wear masks. They need not worry as preventive measures are taken in camp."

All the trainees involved are from Group 2, 2012."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Australia : Record number contract melioidosis in NT

Article via 9 News, excerpt :

" A record 97 people have contracted a potentially fatal bacterial disease in the Northern Territory this wet season, health authorities say.

Acting director of the Centre for Disease Control in the Territory, Steven Skov said there had been 97 cases of melioidosis locally this wet season, resulting in nine deaths.

Dr Skov said the figure was a record number of cases, although not a record number of deaths, which has dropped in recent years due to better treatments and awareness of the disease.

The soil-borne disease is thought to lie dormant in the ground for most of the year, but comes to the surface when there is heavy rain during the wet season.

Those at risk of catching melioidosis include gardeners who come into close contact with soil and people with compromised immune systems.

During the past three years there has been a spike in the number of cases, which researchers had put down to strong wet seasons."

Israel : After years of calm, measles cases spike in northern Israel

Via Haaretz :

" Israel's Health Ministry reports increase of cases after four year period of relative calm; spike partly attributed to families refusing to be vaccinated.

There has been a significant increase in cases of the measles in northern Israel, according to recent research carried out by Israel's Health Ministry.

The study by the ministry's epidemiology department found 96 cases of measles by the end of May 2012, compared to only four cases of the disease in the same period in 2011, 14 in 2010, and two in 2009.

Some 63 of the cases this year – 65 percent - were reported in the north, while 20 percent were in Tel Aviv – some 20 percent - eight cases in the center of the country, four in Haifa, one in Jerusalem, and one in southern Israel.

The reported increase comes after four years of calm. In contrast to the previous country-wide outbreak, the current spike is concentrated in northern Israeli towns where vaccination rates stand at less than 90 percent, among refugees communities in Tel Aviv, and especially among babies who not yet one-year-old - the minimum vaccination age in Israel.

In light of the outbreak, the Health Ministry is now completing immunization programs among populations that refused to be vaccinated in the past, most of which are from small towns in the north. Family members of those suffering from measles are also eligible for preventative vaccination.

A large part of those who refuse to be vaccinated do so on ideological grounds, also citing possible side effects and exposure to toxins."

Australia : Two horses, dog in Queensland test positive to Hendra virus

Via The Australian :

" TWO horses and a dog have have tested positive to the Hendra virus on Queensland properties quarantined with the deadly disease.   

Authorities last week announced two horses had died of Hendra on properties near Rockhampton and at Ingham.

A dog on the Ingham property and two horses on the Rockhampton property tested positive in results returned on Monday night, Agriculture Minister John McVeigh says.

There has only been one other reported case of Hendra infecting a dog.

The dog had returned a weak positive test, Mr McVeigh said.

"Hendra officers have taken steps to isolate the animals and the properties will remain quarantined," he told parliament on Tuesday.

Chief veterinary officer Rick Symons will hold a media conference in Brisbane at 11am (AEST).

Since the start of 2011 there have been 13 Hendra outbreaks in Queensland, resulting in the deaths or euthanasia of 16 horses and one dog."

Philippines : Dengue cases in Zambo City reach 1,053; 14 dead

Article via PIA :

" The City Health Office revealed that dengue cases in the city is now at 1,053 with 14 fatalities.

City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos again called on the public to continue intensified clean up drives to put a halt to the increasing number of dengue cases.

“Efforts have to be doubled or tripled in order to bring down the number of cases being registered in the hospitals and clinics. We appeal to the public to continue the campaign to search and destroy breeding places of dengue and help reduce the number of dengue incidents,” Agbulos stressed.

Agbulos said outbreak level remains in Zamboanga with the recent figure. He said the outbreak declaration cannot be lifted as of the moment. He also added that they have deployed teams in the different barangays in the city everyday to continue with the anti-dengue campaign. Medical teams, to include doctors in the different sub-districts of the city, are also advised to intensify their monitoring activities in their area."

Bangladesh : Poultry vaccination plan triggers shock

Via BD News 24 :

" The government's move to vaccinate poultry against frequently changing avian influenza virus has 'surprised' experts because globally it is recommended not to use it for public health's sake.

Experts say the available vaccines in the world have been able to reduce poultry fatalities for some time, but the vaccinated birds' capabilities to transmit the disease 'silently' after being infected caused 'massive' human mortalities.

Indonesia, Egypt and Vietnam had been vaccinating poultries but stopped after an influx of human fatalities last year followed when the virus also changed its strain.

Fisheries and Livestock Minister Abdul Latif Biswas on Sunday told journalists that considering poultry farmers' 'long-standing demand' the government planned to 'experimentally' introduce the vaccine.

He said a committee had been formed to finalise the decision to that end.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) experts say they are 'surprised' by the move.

Mat Yamage, Chief Technical Adviser to the FAO Avian Influenza Control Programme, told that earlier they 'warned' the government against using vaccines.

He said the situation where the vaccine once used was 'serious' and that 'there is no record of successfully controlling H5N1 with vaccines'.

"We would strongly say it should be discussed with technical experts."

Globally, it is recommended that poultry farms maintain bio-security to prevent the virus and government have measures for early reporting, rapid action, culling and surveillance to control avian influenza outbreaks."

Nepal : Dengue detected in duo in Chitwan

Article via The Himalayan Times :

" Dengue fever, which is communicated from mosquito bite, has been detected on two patients in Chitwan district.

One dengue patient was found at Bharatpur Hospital and another at Chitwan Medical College. The dengue patient found at Bharatpur Hospital is undergoing treatment, said senior doctor Bijay Paudel.

Dr. Arun Sedhain said the dengue patient was found at the Chitwan Medical College on the third week of April.

He said the patient is under the care of the Hospital.

It is said that number of patients suffering from fever is increasing at the Chitwan Hospital with sudden rise of temperature and mosquito bites."

Singapore : Dengue outbreak in Ang Mo Kio Avenues 5 and 10

Article via Straits Times :

" Two areas in Ang Mo Kio have been hit with a spate of dengue fever.

Since April 12, 53 people living in Ang Mo Kio Avenues 5 and 10 have caught the viral disease. The cases are from 19 housing blocks in the area.

A National Environment Agency (NEA) spokesman said the outbreak was the largest so far this year.
A dengue cluster is formed when there are two or more dengue cases in an area within two weeks."

India : Encephalitis kills 15 kids in Bihar

Article via Two Circles :

" Suspected encephalitis has killed 15 children in Bihar's Muzaffarpur and Gaya districts in the last week, officials said Saturday. The mosquito-borne disease, which claimed nearly 150 lives last year, has returned with a vengeance.

Eleven children have died in Muzaffarpur and four in Gaya. Over two dozen children have been admitted to hospitals in both places. According to officials, 24 children have been admitted for treatment in hospitals in Muzaffarpur, about 70 km from here.

Muzaffarpur civil surgeon Gayan Bhusan said the children died after contracting high fever followed by convulsions."