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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Japan : Deadly superbug uncovered at two more Tokyo hospitals

An article from The Mainichi Daily News :

" Infections of deadly multiple-drug resistant bacteria have been uncovered at two more Tokyo hospitals following a spate of infections at Teikyo University Hospital in the capital's Itabashi Ward.

On Sept. 8 the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that Acinetobacter bacteria had likely spread within Yurin Hospital in Tokyo's Setagaya Ward and the Tokyo Metropolitan Geriatric Hospital and Institute of Gerontology in Itabashi Ward.

It has emerged that one infected patient was transferred from Teikyo University Hospital to the geriatric hospital, raising the possibility that infections spread from one institution to another.

From February this year eight patients at Yurin Hospital were infected with Acinetobacter bacteria, which are resistant to most antibiotics. Four of the patients, aged between 59 and 97, later died.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government inspected the hospital on suspicion that the infections occurred within the facility. Officials said two of the deaths may have been related to the superbug. The four patients who died were bedridden with chronic illnesses, officials said."

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