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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Zealand : Christchurch Quake information Update 30

The latest from New Zealand's Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management, excerpt, it's a long report but its worth our time to read it, so please do :

" 1700hrs, 8 September

New website launchedThis afternoon Gerry Brownlee, the Minister responsible for the recovery from the Canterbury earthquake, announced a new website which centralises links to all central and local government agencies and others supporting the response and recovery to the Canterbury earthquake:

Emergency Declaration extended for Christchurch City

The state of emergency in Christchurch City has been extended for seven days.

Information summary (08/09/2010 1700hrs)

Pockets of electricity, water and sewerage systems remain out. Health concerns remain focused on water supply. All schools and early childhood centres are closed today. Some school boards may decide to open tomorrow, subject to structural engineers and/or health officials declaring the schools safe.Public access to the Christchurch City and Kaiapoi cordon remains restricted under section 86 of the CDEM Act. Police will maintain the cordon in the CBD and Kaiapoi while the building risk remains. Cabinet has agreed to provide $5 million to a Joint Mayoral Relief Fund being established by Selwyn District Council, Christchurch City Council and Waimakariri District Council."

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