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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

India : Food poisoning at IIT-B linked to new scare – bacteria called Klebsiella

Article via F & B News :

" The recent food poisoning incident at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, is being linked to bacteria called Klebsiella.

The caterers who were serving in the IIT canteen, were completely clueless about which food content could have possibly triggered food poisoning and so were the FDA (Food and Drug Administration, Maharashtra) officials.

Mahesh Zagade, food safety commissioner, FDA, Maharashtra, said that the incident was being investigated thoroughly and it was likely to impact the economy adversely.

It was learnt that four samples of the stools and water were taken, out of which three indicated of Klebsiella and the last one of E-coli. However, the same could not be confirmed, as the FDA was still investigating its origin, informed Zagade.

A source informed Food and Beverage News that Klebsiella was linked to pneumonia and known to reside in the colon. “Something in the food must have triggered its multiplicity. The samples needed to be cultured for validation of the claim,” the source said.

One version of Klebsiella is also linked to the lung ailment. The food items which are likely to be linked to these bacteria are salads, raw fruits and vegetables, cold meat, marine shrimp, milk and milk products. Initially the IIT was presuming raw vegetables in Chinese food which were served to the students as the cause of the disease, but the caterers confirmed that no raw vegetable were used and that all were boiled."

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