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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Indonesia : Lombok Bird Deaths Spark Flu Spread Fears

Via The Jakarta Globe :

" Following Sunday’s deaths of two children on Bali from bird flu, two Central Lombok subdistricts reported that a significant outbreak had previously been underway among chickens in the village.

Residents in the areas of Pringgarata and Praya Barat reported to officials last week that hundreds of their seemingly healthy chicken were suddenly dying.

In Praya Barat, 45 kilometers east of Mataram, Lombok’s capital, officials said more than 350 chickens had died and the rate of infection was increasing.

“This has been going on for a week. At first Inaq Mahmud [a villager] lost 25 chickens to sudden deaths, then they were followed by the birds belonging to other villagers,” said Sarbini of Semayan, Central Lombok, on Wednesday. “We immediately reported it to the livestock agency so they could come and spray.”

People’s homes are densely packed in Sarbini’s area, which is home to about 350 families, most of whom raise caged chickens for their own consumption and for income. Most families have between 30 and 60 chickens."

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