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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Philippines : More dengue cases as more rains continue

Press release from the Department of Health in Philippines, excerpt :

" Regional Director Eduardo C. Janairo of the Center for Health Development – Metro Manila (CHD-MM) today revealed the continuing rise in dengue cases as more typhoons continue to bring flood waters in various areas of the region.

Latest report from the Regional Epidemiology Surveillance Unit (RESU) now shows a total number of 19,432 dengue cases from January 1 to September 24, 2011 with 108 deaths.

This figure is 32% higher compared with the same period last year (14,751 cases with 106 deaths). Majority of the cases were male and belonged to the age group from 0-15 years (11,973 with 97 deaths), 16-30 years (6,136 with 6 deaths), 31-45 years (901 with 4 deaths), 46-60 years (298), 61-75 years (105 with 1 death) and more than 75 years old (19 cases).

“We are now on the 38th Dengue Morbidity Week and this is the period when dengue cases usually peaks. But due to the continuing floods brought about by rains and typhoons, we can expect that cases will continue to increase”, Director Janairo stated.

“Dengue is now a year round threat and it is best for everyone to be prepared. Know the signs and symptoms and how to avoid contracting the disease. If you’re suffering from a fever, seek medical treatment immediately. Do not be complacent about dengue. Its complications can be very deadly and may lead to death,” Janairo warned.

The top 10 cities with the most number of cases are Quezon City (6,486), Manila (2,481), Caloocan (2,216), Valenzuela (1,248), Pasig (1,027), Malabon (886), Paranaque (797), Taguig (638), Navotas (542) and Pasay (540)."

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