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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

US : 39 confirmed West Nile cases, 3 deaths in Miss. this year

Via Hattiesburg American, excerpt :

" Hattiesburg resident Carol Lindley knows the power of a mosquito bite.

She contracted West Nile virus from a mosquito in 2003 and still suffers the effects of the virus today.

"I have fatigue. The fatigue is very real," she said. "About 3:30-4 p.m., I'm through doing anything physical."

Lindley also has pain and swelling in her left foot, which was paralyzed after she contracted the virus.

"If I'm on my foot all day, it's pretty bad," she said. "The more I stand on it, the worse it is."

Unfortunately, more people may have to suffer through that pain and fatigue, as the number of West Nile virus cases is up.

So far this year, there have been 39 confirmed cases of West Nile virus in Mississippi. There also have been three deaths due to the virus - in Jones, Pearl River and Jasper counties."

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