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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

India : 4 dengue deaths in Sirsa village lead to scare

Via Times of India :

" Sirsa : The death of four persons in a week and 27 cases of dengue have triggered a scare in Pakka Sahidhan village of Sirsa district.

The health department woke up to the problem on Tuesday when the situation had worsened.

The authorities blame it all on the villagers relying on registered medical practitioners (RMPs) or quacks in the area.

Daya Nand, chief medical officer, General Hospital, Sector 16, said, ''A team is camping in the village for a month. We have taken blood samples and sent these to the laboratory for examination. Though three persons died on different days, the fever is a type of malaria and the residents are not aware of it. General hospital is getting one or two cases every day.''

Badagura SMO Ramphal Singh said, ''The people go to quacks for treatment. But when the patient dies, they blame the health authorities."

Sources said that in last two months, 27 patients of dengue had come for treatment at different private and government hospitals of Sirsa district."

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