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Monday, January 9, 2012

Argentina : He died of leishmaniasis

Machine translated article from Lavoz De Cataratas, excerpt :

" The child was admitted to the pediatric hospital where he had begun the specific treatment. Claudio Balbuena, boy's father, confirmed the sad news. He insisted the poor care he received in OberĂ¡. "It's going to die and decided to travel to Posadas," said.

"Two and half months ago my dad died, but it was a comfort to think that no longer suffer. Now my baby is serious and sad thing is they could avoid so much pain.

If it was by doctors here, already dead, "outraged Claudio Balbuena had questioned (27), father of the baby Oberena than nine months after being diagnosed visceral leishmaniasis. A few hours later, he spoke with the territory. This time to confirm the death of his son, who was admitted to the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Fernando Barreyro Posadas."

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