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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Haiti : More than Cholera in the Mountains above Pestel

Article via PJ Star, written by Dr. John Caroll, excerpt :

" I hiked up the mountains today south of the village of Pestel.

With the help of a guide I passed through the tiny village of Casavon and followed water pipes that led us to the spring at La Matin.

People from all over this part of the mountain get their water from the pipes that lead from this spring. But for the water to run through the pipes it has to be pumped from a reservoir near the catchment zone as the spring water flows out of the rocks and into the catchment zone. And for the pump to work in the reservoir, the Delco generator needs to work. And the generator wasn’t working today. So the people either walk to the spring at La Matin and carry water back to their village in five gallon buckets on their head or they collect water from a cistern in their yard or their neighbor’s yard.

Whatever. Clean water is sacred here and extremely hard to get.

The people I talked to on the mountain paths said they have had cholera in the village of La Matin last year, but not now.

There is much pathology in the mountains and it is not all cholera."

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