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Thursday, January 12, 2012

India : City on alert to ward off bird flu

Via The Jakarta Post :

" In an effort to maintain vigilance against the possible resurgence of an avian influenza outbreak, the Jakarta administration culled poultry in several residential areas on Wednesday.

The Central Jakarta agriculture and animal husbandry agency destroyed birds in the neighborhoods of Pasar Baru, Kemayoran and Cempaka Putih. “Chickens, ducks and geese were all culled, and the owners were all cooperative as they have been warned about it beforehand,” head of the supervision and control division at the sub-agency Sarjoni said.

From the culling he added, the sub-agency found more than 1,000 birds kept in backyard farms. Some of them were killed and some others were quarantined. “All poultry that are kept for food were slaughtered on the spot, and then we distributed the meat to the people living in the neighborhoods,” he said.

“We also decided to take and destroy the cages so that people could understand that it is forbidden to keep poultry in residential areas as their backyard farms,” Sarjoni said.

However, he said, fighting roosters were exempted from the slaughter, but the officers asked the owners to take them outside the city immediately."

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