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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Indonesia : Bird Flu Case Update

An official notification from Indonesia's Ministry of Health with regards to the latest H5N1 fatality in its country. Excerpt from a machine translated article with some editing from me :

" Ministry of Health, through the Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health announced a new case of H5N1 have been confirmed by the Center for Biomedical and Health The basic technology, Health Research Agency.

The patient name PD (male, 23 years) resident of Sunter, North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province, who works in a welding shop. PD experiencing symptoms of fever, cough and colds since 31 December 2011. To relieve the pain, he bought some drugs from a stall.

Because the symptoms and pain didn't get better, on January 3, 2012, the patient went to a private hospital in the area of ​​North Jakarta. On January 6, 2012, the patient experienced shortness of breath and was unconscious, so he was transferred to the ICU.

Subsequently, the patient was referred to Avian Influenza referral hospital in RSU Tangerang, Banten on January 7, 2012, but his condition could be helped and the patient eventually died on the same day, at 10:50pm.

In response to this, epidemiological investigation was done at the patients house and its surrounding environment by Kemenkes Team and the local health office, and obtained the possibility of risk factors that he had direct contact with his own pet pigeon which was sick and died."

The Ministry of Health also has an update on the patients daughter who has tested negative to H5N1.

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