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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kuwait : Conflicting reports on meningitis outbreak – Ministry denies spread of disease

Via Kuwait Times :

" A seven-year-old child is currently undergoing treatment after contracting bacterial meningitis infection at the Intensive Care Unit of Al-Sabah hospital, said two senior Ministry of Health(MoH) officials on Thursday.

“There is one recorded case of infection with bacterial meningitis – a seven-year- old child who is currently receiving treatment at the ICU of Al-Sabah Hospital,” said Dr Yousuf Mendekar Director of Public Health Department to Al-Rai who was also able to receive a confirmation from the Manager Dr Abbas Ramadan. Furthermore, the same report published yesterday quotes the Dr Afrah Al-Sarraf Director of Al-Amiri Hospital as saying that one meningitis patient was receiving treatment at the hospital, reported Al-Rai.

Meanwhile, Al-Qabas daily reported yesterday that a 17-year-old Indian girl was admitted to Al-Sabah Hospital after contracting meningitis, while four citizens have been quarantined. It is not clear whether the Indian girl’s case is the same as the one mentioned by Dr Mendekar, that could have been inaccurately reported by Al-Qabas’ sources. Al-Qabas also reports quoting unnamed MoH sources about a patient who was discharged on Thursday from the Mubarak Hospital after being treated for meningitis."

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