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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pakistan : Virus kills over 30 goats in Gadap villages

Via The News :

" KARACHI: The outbreak of mysterious disease in Gadap area of Karachi has killed over thirty goats and infected hundreds of others in different villages during last few days.

The local people have named the disease as 'Chapri', which according to them is a virus but according to a lone veterinary doctor available at the veterinary hospital the death of goats is due to flu and pneumonia.

The villagers Haji Abdul Karim Gabol, Haji Mir Muhammad Gabol, Kehar Gabol and others of villages Ali Muhammad Gabol, Allah Rakhio Gabol, Imam Bux, Abdul Hakim and others told that there used to be 15 veterinary doctors at the hospital but now there is one doctor that also said that there was shortage of medicines."

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