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Monday, February 6, 2012

South Africa : Panic over malaria dismissed

Via Times Live :

" The Institute for Communicable Diseases has assured residents that Pretoria is not "a breeding area for malaria-carrying mosquitoes" despite six cases of malaria being reported in the area.

Lucille Blumberg, the institute's deputy director, said there was nothing to be worried about.

"These are rare events when malaria-infected mosquitoes are translocated in cars, suitcases or aeroplanes by travel-makers returning home from holidays. So people do not need to be worried because Pretoria does not have the right climate for the breeding of malaria mosquitoes," she said.

Malaria was detected in six patients in Pretoria with no recent travel history. Three cases were detected in Soshanguve and another three in a private housing estate.

Investigation of these cases did not find the type of mosquito with a potential to spread malaria, and no evidence was found that the disease could be spreading locally."

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