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Friday, March 2, 2012

Canada : Fewer sneezes, wheezes this winter

Via Winnipeg Free Press :

" Two years after the H1N1 influenza pandemic gripped the province, the flu is barely visible in Manitoba.

Experts say the big reason is because there are fewer flu bugs this year, but they also point to this winter's unusually warm temperatures -- fewer people are cooped up indoors sharing sneezes and are instead outside getting exercise.

"The fact that there's better weather and people are out that much more, has that played a role? I would hope so," said Dr. Richard Rusk, medical officer for communicable diseases for Manitoba Health.

"It would improve the idea that we should be more active to be healthy, but looking at the pure science of it, the actual number of circulating viruses is not as high. What we're finding is there are not many bugs this year. Period. It's as simple as that."

How few flu bugs are circulating among us is seen in the province's weekly influenza reports: So far this flu season, up to Feb. 18, the province has seen 10 lab-confirmed flu cases, eight influenza A and two influenza B."

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