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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Nepal : Avian influenza in three more poultry farms

Via The Himalayan Times :

" The Directorate of Animal Health today detected bird flu in three more poultry farms in Bhaktapur, causing fresh panic among consumers and poulterers, who have been finding it hard to grapple with an earlier outbreak in layer chickens at the Himal Hatchery in Sipadole- 2 and 9.

The latest scare has raised questions on government authorities’ claims that they have been able to contain the spread of the deadly flu strain.

According to Dr Bjjaya Kant Jha, executive director at the DAH, samples of dead chickens collected from Lakhula-based poultry farm of Bimal Bhimasu, Nangkhel-based farms of Balaram Kisi and Krishna Ram Chusya tested positive to bird flu in tests conducted at the Central Veterinary Laboratory based in Tripureshwor.

Authorities had referred samples of dead chickens the lab for tests.

A Rapid Response Team comprising experts is preparing to cull more than 15,000 chickens kept in these farms."

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