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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Singapore : Man, 66, is 4th person to die from dengue

Via Asia One :

" The dengue death toll this year rose to four when a 66-year-old died from multi-organ failure caused by the viral disease on Monday, even as the number of weekly infections saw a big drop.

The man was admitted to Alexandra Hospital last Tuesday after a fall, and doctors found that he had been suffering from fever and had rashes the previous four days.

He tested positive for dengue.

The next day, he developed breathing problems and kidney failure, and was transferred to intensive care. But his condition continued to deteriorate, and on Monday, he died from dengue shock syndrome.

The death came as figures showed the number of people being infected by the virus in Singapore taking a dive.

There were 679 new infections last week, the lowest in the past 11/2 months and a big drop from the more than 800 cases weekly reported in the past four weeks.

Despite the number of infections falling for two straight weeks, however, the Health Ministry and the National Environment Agency advised people to continue taking appropriate precautions to prevent mosquito breeding.

They said the key to dengue control is to eliminate all mosquito breeding habitats."

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