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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

H1N1 Influenza Action Ministry of Health Malaysia for Epid Week 52/2009 (December 27, 2009 to 02 Januari 2010)

I used Google Translate for this article which is in Bahasa Malaysia. (This is the first time I'm using Google Translate), but I had to edit it myself because some of the translation is incorrect. Anyway the latest situation in Malaysia so far.........

" Within the last week (December 27, 2009 to 02 Januari 2010) a total of 253 new patients with symptoms of Influenza-Like Illness (Inclusion) has been admitted to hospital for treatment, while 294 cases have been discharged. The remaining cases which are still being treated across the country on the last day of the week epid 52/2009 (January 2, 2010) is of 234 cases in 42 hospitals including two 3 private hospitals. Of these, only 13 patients or 5.6% is a case of Influenza A (H1N1) is confirmed through laboratory tests. Until January 2, 2009, the number of cummulative cases positive influenza A (H1N1) is 12,307. For your information, there are 2 cases of H1N1 are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). One of whom is a child of children aged below 5 years. No new cases of H1N1 death and permanent total is 77 for the year 2009."

The whole article in Bahasa :

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