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Monday, April 14, 2014

Japan : 112,000 chickens culled at Kumamoto farms in bid to curb bird flu outbreak

Via Japan Times :

Racing to contain an avian flu outbreak, about 400 workers culled 112,000 birds at two Kumamoto chicken farms from Sunday night through Monday morning.

After bagging up live chickens, the workers, including 200 Ground Self-Defense Force personnel, gassed them with carbon dioxide and buried them at the two farms, one in the town of Taragi and the other in the village of Sagara.
At least 1,100 chickens at the Taragi farm were apparently struck down by an H5-type avian flu virus between Friday and Sunday morning.
The Kumamoto Prefectural Government ordered 56,000 chickens culled at the Taragi farm and another 56,000 at the nearby farm in Sagara, run by the same operator."

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