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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

H1N1: Pandemic was emotional as well as physical

Via CNN Health, an article which reflects on what has happened and what will happen with H1N1. No matter what it is, different parts of the world reacts differently. We in the South East Asia region are entering or are in the midst of the 2nd wave. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

" Last spring, U.S. doctors' offices were barraged with phone calls and worried patients packed into hospitals. Schools closed. Face masks and Tamiflu were suddenly in short supply. The country verged on an H1N1 panic.

The new flu virus, first widely reported in Mexico, was infecting the young and healthy, rather than those usually most at risk, the elderly and infirm. Beginning in April 2009, H1N1 flu fanned across the globe. The World Health Organization declared it a global pandemic in June.

Hand sanitizer was suddenly seen everywhere, and, heeding the often-repeated advice of top U.S. health officials, many people began coughing into their shoulders or elbows rather than covering their mouths with their hands."

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