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Friday, February 12, 2010

WHO experts to determine if worst of flu pandemic is over

From the other part of the world where H1N1 is decreasing, not for us in South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand. We are seeing increasing numbers. I'm sure WHO will take note of this before taking any decision.

From the report mentioned in title:

" The World Health Organisation said Thursday that its emergency panel of swine flu experts would meet this month to formally determine whether the pandemic has passed its peak."

" WHO will be asking the emergency committee to convene later this month to review the situation and provide the WHO with guidance on whether we are entering a post peak period," said Keiji Fukuda, Special Adviser to the WHO Director-General on Pandemic Influenza.

Please read the whole article:;_ylt=Avnk0jkqdKUfKzI7PgLpiNumxbAB

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