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Friday, June 25, 2010

Malaysia : Not doing enough to kill off mosquitoes

Via New Straits Times :

" KUALA LUMPUR: Despite the dengue death toll rising alarmingly, Malaysians are still not spending the 10 minutes a week to search and destroy Aedes mosquitoes breeding places to save the lives of their loved ones.

With many pushing the burden of dealing with the Aedes mosquitoes to the Health Ministry, health experts are in a dilemma as to how to change this attitude of the people.Director-general of Health Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the fight against dengue was not the sole responsibility of the ministry and individuals but that of the community as a whole.

"We cannot fight this battle alone. We need public cooperation," he said, adding that the disease had infected 22,251 people and claimed 74 lives from early this year to June 19.

Last year, there were 23,794 cases and 60 deaths during the same period."

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