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Monday, September 6, 2010

India : Rising dengue causes platelet crisis in Delhi

Via Times of India :

" NEW DELHI: The rising cases of dengue have created another crisis in the city — a shortage of platelets in most hospitals. Such was the rush of suspected dengue cases at AIIMS on Sunday that only patients whose platelet count had dropped below 50,000 were being admitted. The hospital said platelet transfusion was being restricted to those with a count of below 20,000 accompanied by internal bleeding.

"The requirement of platelets has increased from 70-80 units to more than 150 units per day due to dengue cases. Today, the situation seems worse as Sunday is an off-day and daily blood donations have not taken place," said a doctor at AIIMS. The situation at most city hospitals was just a shade better. A doctor added that even the single-donation platelet route, through which patients manage platelets on their own via a special kit, was not possible as the blood bank was closed for laboratory work."

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