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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indonesia : Bird Flu in Sulut

Translated article from Fajar Online :

" Kotamobagu : Diseases of bird flu (H5N1) since late March found in Gorontalo province, with only a week, had entered the province of North Sulawesi. Bird flu, originally found in the market Dressage Kotamobagu, followed by findings in a stable owned by residents in the Village Kotamobagu Kopandakan 1, the District of South Kotamobagu.

The entry of the virus deadly to humans at Kotamobagu, known as the Department of Agriculture and Livestock (Dispertanak) Kotamobagu receiving the report, the number of dead chickens in markets Dressage.

"There are approximately 20-something chickens were reported dead on Friday (8 / 4) in Dressage market," said Head of Division (Head) Animal Husbandry, Dispertanak Kotamobagu Mokoagow NP.

On the same day, said Mokoagow, the same event is known from reports Luli Humu, residents Kopandakan 1, South Kotamobagu, which is also approximately 20-something his chickens died suddenly.

"After examination, it turns out really was positively infected by H5N1 virus," he said."

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