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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Japan : Fukushima to cull dying livestock in 20-km radius of nuclear plant

Article from Japan Today, excerpt :

" FUKUSHIMA : Six Fukushima prefectural government workers dressed in protective outfits went into the no-entry zone within a 20-kilometer radius of the crisis-hit nuclear power plant in the northeastern Japanese prefecture Monday to begin work to cull starving livestock.

While there is no legal stipulation involving slaughtering livestock in the area which has been restricted because of the nuclear accident, the prefectural government decided to kill the animals for public health reasons, local officials said.

According to a livestock hygiene service center in the prefecture, the workers will conduct activities in Minamisoma’s Odaka district, where 887 cows, 80 horses, about 6,200 pigs and around 260,000 chickens were raised as of October last year.

The Odaka district was also struck by the massive tsunami that followed the powerful March 11 earthquake, and some livestock barns out of 91 in the area have been destroyed or swept away."

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