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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pakistan : Malaria cases rising in Sindh

Article from The News :

" After recent floods the number of malaria cases rose sharply in Sindh as accumulated flood water provided excellent environment to mosquitoes for breeding.

Despite many efforts by the government, malaria is yet to be eliminated from the country and each year it claims hundreds of lives, say experts.

Director of the provincial Malaria Control Programme, Dr Naheed Jamali, said that earlier the cases of malaria had been on the decline but the heavy floods of last year sent the number of malaria cases in Sindh soaring.

She said during the year 2009 more than 25,000 malaria cases were reported in Sindh whereas in the year 2010 due to flood the number rose to 57,000 cases.

She said that there were more than 400 types of mosquitoes and it needed hectic efforts to eliminate them.

She said under the malaria control programme in Sindh, 48 centres were working including the centres in teaching hospitals.

She said that four districts of Sindh — Thatta, Khairpur, Dadu and Tharparker — lead in malaria cases, while the number of reported cases was also on the rise in the districts of Kashmore, Ghotki and Larkana due to standing floodwater.

Dr Jamali said that last year 0.2 million mosquito nets were distributed that would remain in working condition for at least five years."

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