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Monday, May 30, 2011

Australia : Slow response in swine flu death

Article from ABC News :

" The Tasmanian Coroner has found in was not unreasonable for the Mersey Hospital to send home a girl who later died from Swine Flu.

The 12 year girl was admitted to the Mersey Hospital in July 2009 with flu-like symptoms but released after two days, but died four days later.

Coroner, Tim Hill, found the decision by hospital staff to send her home was not unreasonable, based on the girl's symptoms and her negative results to a swine flu test.

Mr Hill found while clinically correct at the time, not treating her with Tamiflu may have reduced the girl's prospects of recovery.

He was critical of the Tasmanian Ambulance Service which took more than 30 minutes to respond to a Triple 0 call from the girl's family on the day of her death."

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