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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Indonesia : Bird Flu Patient Heals

Press release from Indonesia's Ministry of Health, some good news being reported :

" KN (P, 1.2 years), North Jakarta residents who tested positive for H5N1 virus (bird flu) based on the results of Laboratory Research and Development Agency Ministry of Health, declared cured after being treated intensively in AI referral hospitals in North Jakarta. Until now KN conditions remain healthy.

KN started getting ill on 3 April 2011 with symptoms of fever, cough, diarrhea and shortness. The patient recovered from surveillance activities SARI (Severe acute Respiratory Infection), which is coordinated Balitbangkes. He referred to the hospital on 8 April 2011 and is getting treatment at the referral hospital care with a diagnosis Bronkhopneumoni.

To identify risk factors, we conducted an epidemiological investigation into the patient's house and surrounding environment. The strongest risk factor, a week before the ill patients were invited his father to the market near his house to buy free-range chicken and KN participated holding the chicken.

Tjandra Yoga Aditama as the focal point of IHR (International Health Reagulation) has informed also about the case to the WHO."

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