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Monday, June 6, 2011

India : Families battle infectious diseases in Narayanpuri

From Times of India :

" LUCKNOW: Krishnanagar's Narayanpuri is an open invitation to infectious diseases. The place came in news last week after the death of a resident, named Mala.

The girl breathed her last at a private hospital near Krishnanagar police station on Thursday last. Incidentally, her family members too are suffering from severe dehydration caused by diarrhoea and vomiting. "Mala's brother Anup is undergoing treatment in the same nursing home while her father was admitted to the Balrampur Hospital. I was discharged from hospital on Saturday night," said the girl's paternal aunt Rajkumari, adding that they were praying for the well-being of the struggling members.

Mala's family isn't a lone example, as many people are suffering from infectious diseases in the area. Nine-year-old Saadhna, who lives with her parents in the neighbourhood, has also taken ill because of infectious diseases and is undergoing treatment. Residents claim that almost every second family has a sick member.

They blame contaminated water supply in the area for their troubles. "Civic authorities came to inspect the area after the news of Mala's death spread. They snapped the water connection to our house and told us to consume boiled water," said Rajkumari. Loss of life in the area has sent alarm bells ringing."

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