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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Nepal : More dengue cases in Chitwan

Via Republica :

" CHITWAN, Aug 9: Seven more cases of dengue have been found in the past three weeks in Chitwan district according to the District Public Health Office (DPHO).

Vector control inspector at the DPHO Ram KC said six of those cases were found in Chitwan Medical College while the other was detected at Bharatpur Hospital.

There were 23 deaths due to high fever in Chitwan in 2067 BS with four of them attributed to dengue after the government started dengue tests. A total of 735 dengue cases were confirmed in the district after tests. KC said the total number of dengue cases in the district has reached 17 after the new Nepali year.

Typhoid and leptospirosis had also killed one each in the district last year and KC revealed cases of typhoid and leptospirosis along with swine flu have also been found this year. Even doctors had contracted dengue last year and they are getting themselves tested even for minor fever."

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