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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

India : Six test positive in Berhampur

Via Times of India :

" BERHAMPUR: Dengue is striking roots in the town with six persons testing positive at the MKCG Medical College and Hospital here. The patients are from Bijipur, Khodasingi, Hatibandh street and Gosaninuagaon.

The total number of dengue patients in Ganjam district has increased to 49. While 37 of them have been admitted to the dengue ward of the medical colleges, 12 are being treated in peripheral hospitals. Similarly, 16 chickungunya cases were detected in the district.

But chief district medical officer ( CDMO) of Ganjam said there was no need to panic as many patients are being cured. Only 18 dengue and 12 chickungunya patients are being treated in different hospitals, including the medical college. He said while in the first test, they found the dengue virus in 12 patients, in the second lot, only two persons had dengue. Similarly in the second test, 12 persons tested positive for chikungunya."

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