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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

India : H1N1 menace continues

An article from Zee News, it outlines the fatality rate in India due to H1N1 :

" Maharashtra lost maximum number of people in the past two years to the dreaded H1N1 followed by Gujarat and Rajasthan. It lost 940 people to the virus.

However, during the last seven months this year, Punjab emerged as the worst-hit state with maximum number of deaths followed by Kerala and Karnataka. Punjab recorded 14 fresh deaths this year.

This means that while experts across the globe might have declared H1N1 as pandemic, in India the deadly virus continues to take its toll.

As per the recent Health Ministry data, the cumulative laboratory cases of H1N1 across India stood at 46,777 with 2,772 cases of deaths reported. In2009, the death toll stood at 956; the figure rose to 2,728 in 2010 and the latest figure stands at 2,772.

A detailed state-wise analysis further revealed that there has been a rise in number of deaths from 2009. The prevalence of the virus was much higher in the western part of our country than the eastern part."

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