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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Australia : Travellers warned of SE Asia dengue fever danger

Via ABC News :

" Northern Territory health authorities are warning travellers about the danger of contracting dengue fever in South-East Asia.

The NT Centre for Disease Control says seven people have returned to the Territory with the disease this holiday season, mostly from Bali.

Centre director Dr Vicki Krause says dengue mosquitoes bite during the day and it is important that people protect themselves.

"They (mosquitoes) often will sit up under tables, so when you are sitting there with your legs hanging out, you are ready to be bitten," she said.

"Make sure when you're travelling in South-East Asia that you recognise there are mosquitoes that will bite all day."

Locally, efforts are continuing efforts to eliminate dengue fever-carrying mosquitoes at Tennant Creek."

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