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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

US : Ontario school officials say boy didn't die of meningitis

Via Mansfield News Journal :

" Ontario school officials say they were overwhelmed with phone calls Monday as a result of apparent misinformation about a student's death.

Seventh-grade Ontario Middle School student Brian Ward died Saturday after being treated for an ear infection at a Columbus hospital. Ontario Superintendent Lisa Carmichael said a rumor spread the death was caused by an infectious disease, a claim she said is unfounded.

"We've been inundated with phone calls," Carmichael said. "It (the rumor) certainly has caused a lot of grief and aggravation."

She said about 40 middle school students did not attend classes Monday. Carmichael said she spent much of her day assuring parents it was OK to send their children to school. An email sent by Carmichael to school staff Saturday stated the 13-year-old student died from viral meningitis, but the cause of death was corrected in a later email.

Carmichael said Sunday she spoke with Brian's father, Todd Ward, who explained what happened.

"Brian was being treated for an ear infection, his ear drum burst on Wednesday evening, and the infection from the ear drum bursting entered Brian's brain, resulting in his death," she said."

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