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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Haiti : A Solvable Problem in Pestel

Via PJ Star, excerpt :

" When wandering around the mountains of Haiti and you are a blan (foreigner) it is easy to get disoriented and confused.

But we need to try and keep things as simple as possible to make sense of the Haitian mountains and the cholera that hides inside.

Right now there is a significant amount of cholera in the mountains of the Commune of Pestel. Pestel is located on the northern coast of the southern peninsula of Haiti.

During the last ten days we have documented cholera morbidity and mortality by talking to Haitian health care workers in the mountains of Pestel and have reviewed their written records. We have documented cholera cases in many different sections of Pestel. And these results have been published.

And we are caring for very sick patients now with cholera from four sections of Pestel. These patients are very sick. They need IV fluids and will die without it. And there are new patients each day in little CTU’s that have been recently set up in Desvereaux, Tozia, Pela, and Pavion.

And when the rains start in two months, science and common sense tell us that the volume of cholera patients will rise quickly up here in the mountains.

Rivers and springs have been identified and tested for cholera from these sections during the last 10 days."

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