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Monday, January 9, 2012

Indonesia : Bird flu suspect dies in Jakarta

Via The Jakarta Post, take note on the last line of the article :

" A person suspected of being infected with bird flu, identified as PDY, 23, a resident of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, died on Sunday.

PDY’s body was stored in a coffin by the Tangerang public hospital and was buried in Jakarta.

North Jakarta health agency’s public health management unit head Ati Sukmaningsih said that based on the examination of PDY’s blood and mucus, he had died of bird flu.

PDY’s sample of blood and mucus were further examined by the Health Ministry’s research agency.

PDY’s mother, S, 48, said that PDY had a high fever since New Year’s Eve and had been rushed to the Satya Negara hospital in North Jakarta. The hospital said that he might have suffered from a gastric infection.

A few days later, PDY’s family brought him back to the hospital, after which the hospital claimed that he might have been suffering from dengue and suggested that PDY stay at the hospital.

On Friday, a doctor recommended PDY to be taken to the Sulianto Suroso infectious diseases hospital because the hospital has a special installation for handling cases of bird flu.

However, PDY was rejected by the hospital because its intensive care unit was full.

On Saturday, PDY was rushed to the Tangerang public hospital.

“My son died on the way there,” said S.

S said that PDY had played with his sick pigeon before the incident.

PDY’s sister, ASR, 5, is currently being treated at the Persahabatan hospital with the same symptoms.

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