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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Village clinic connected to hepatitis C outbreak in central China

Via Xinhua :

" A village clinic in central Henan province is connected with a recent outbreak of hepatitis C infection, said a Health Ministry spokesman here Tuesday.

According to an investigation by Henan's health department, the infectious incident was "highly related to medical operations" at a village clinic in the city of Yongcheng in Henan, said Deng Haihua, the ministry spokesman, at a press conference.

A total of 86 people have been infected with hepatitis C in the township of Maqiao in Henan and Dancheng in neighboring Anhui province. The outbreak was first reported in late October 2011.

The local health department has withdrawn the clinic's license. Wu Shaohua and Wu Wenyi, the doctors who ran the clinic, have been suspended from practicing, Deng said."

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