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Monday, August 26, 2013

Malaysia, Johor : Dengue cases rising

Via The Star :

 The number of dengue cases in the Johor has more than doubled for the first half of this year compared to the same period last year.
The first half of this year saw a total of 1,660 cases - more than two times compared to slightly over 800 cases for the corresponding period last year.
The Johor Baru district recorded the highest number of cases with 1,124 compared to 443 cases last year, which was an increase of 153.7%, said Health Exco Datuk Ayub Rahmat.
He said an analysis by the National Public Health Laboratory based on samples taken from several clinics nationwide showed that the virus known as Den 2 was the main cause of the infection.
“The Den 2 virus is more powerful than the Den 1 virus that infected victims before this,” he said, adding that seven deaths have been recorded compared to one death in the first half 2012.
He was replying to Dr Boo Cheng Hao (DAP-Skudai) who asked about the number of dengue and leptospirosis, commonly called the ‘rat urine disease’ cases in Johor and the reason of for the increase.
He added that the rise of cases could be due to the human body, which was vulnerable to Den 2 and have not developed immunity to the new virus."

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