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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Zealand : Southland measles scare

Via Stuff :

" Three Southland people have been contacted by Public Health South after sitting near a Dunedin Hospital staff member, who was later diagnosed with measles, on an Air New Zealand flight, the Southern District Health Board said yesterday.

While infectious, the worker travelled to Auckland on Tuesday, October 25 on Flight NZ672 from Dunedin and returned on Friday on Flight NZ673. Air New Zealand gave Public Health South the passenger seating lists and passengers seated in the same row and two rows in front and behind had been contacted.

Board Medical officer of health Derek Bell said yesterday that three of the passengers contacted were from Southland, but would not specify where or if they had been immunised.

No outbreak of measles in the Southland region had been reported since the health board's statement this week that the staff member at Dunedin Hospital had been diagnosed with the disease.

This is the second case of measles in the Southern health district. Both remain in Otago, and have been linked to an infectious visitor from Wellington last month.

The hospital worker had contact with patients and other staff at the very early stage of the illness on the night of Monday, October 24."

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